Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So we've been working really hard on the house. We got new furniture, painted added chair rail all kinds of stuff. Then Monday we planted our baby bushes in our park strips and laid weed fabric. Mulch was coming, but now on hold-beyond awful week at work for me, and today I just found out my hida-scan or my belly is going to cost me almost 500$. with insurance. good fun times. meanwhile trying to get this house lookin good-the paint will be done before the holidays. and I decided to turn one of my spare bedrooms into my own personal closet-thanks IKEA. then Chad can have the closet to himself. wow the projects never end-meanwhile-like everyone-trying to pay off CC debt and my goal is by the end of 2010 BOTH cars payed off. WOOT we can do it I know we can!! I hate car payments. anyone else feel this way?

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