Thursday, August 13, 2009

another update

ok been pretty busy. First of all, was extremely sick, finally had my surgery!!! so July was pretty crappy for me. but at the end of June we traded in the Baja and got an 09 Impreza brand spankin new! saved 100$ a month on payment, better on gas, and zero interest. rock on. So now chad is driving the Forester to work and i drive the newbie to keep the mies way low. I fill up like once a month its amazing. so now that I'm finally back to normal. painful recovery but I can eat again-wow what a feeling. still working on paying off some things. by Jan we should be out from under Credit card debt (thanks to sprinkling system and a little wedding we had lol) and then my life will be 400 buck a month richer-I send them 100 bucks a week. I'm so excited to get that off my shoulders. yay!

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The Brown Family said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. I love you sweetie, sounds like things are great. Nice car... I am jealous!!!!!